BM Chemie aims to be the one stop shop for customers and suppliers alike, when it comes to sourcing, or selling. We aim to provide end-to-end services ranging from:

  1. Sourcing – relying on our experience, a dynamic team, and a huge proprietary database, we help customers source from well-established factories, and trading houses, at competitive prices, and best quality. We help source:
  1. Tie-ups with Contract Manufacturers – the emergence of India as a world-player in pharmaceuticals has brought foreign companies the opportunity to outsource part of their production to Indian manufacturers, thus cutting costs, and production hassles. We consult companies, both Indian, and foreign on their contracting requirements.
  2. Marketing services – for companies, both Indian, and Foreign, wishing to find customers for their product range, BM presents itself as the ideal partner. From pricing feedback, to tapping customers with our experienced field staff, we help companies cut costs, and expand their customer base.
  3. Registration Services – Since 2003, it is mandatory to get API’s registered in India with the Drug Controller Office. It involves submitting technical data about the product, and the producer. We can provide suppliers with a simple, and hassle free process through which they can do the registration in India. We adhere to strict confidentiality norms, and look to make the process quick, and smooth for the producer.
  4. Product/Market survey – for our clients, we regularly provide market data, price figures, import and export data, historical trends, product potential etc. This data is invaluable for clients, especially while taking strategic decisions.
  5. Consultancy Services: We provide consultancy services to our clients, in certain specific therapeutic fields, regarding product feasibility, technology transfer, market outlook, etc