We provide sourcing solutions for a whole host of products, including our speciality Ė hormones and steroids.

Specific knowledge is essential in this field, because customers often have varying requirements, such as†

  1. DMF availability,
  2. material specifications satisfying regulated/non-regulated markets,
  3. information about suppliers which are open to contract manufacturing,
  4. products in which it would be more feasible to supply intermediates than APIís,
  5. license regulations for restricted products,
  6. market scenario etc.

We have tie-ups with certain manufacturers and are their agents, for pre-specified geographies.† For certain customers, we are their purchase/sourcing partners, thus simplifying procedural issues such as Audits, vendor approval etc.

  1. Hormones and Steroids
  2. Anti-Microbe
  3. Neuropathy Agents
  4. Respiratory Agents
  5. Gastrointestinal Agents
  6. Cardiovasular
  7. Antineoplastic
  8. Anthelmintics
  9. Vitamins